Terania Rainforest Publishing has a large library of Hugh Nicholsonís photographs of rainforest plants, 
rainforests and Australiana.

Botanical Images

The images displayed on the following pages are only a small sample of the images available in our library. Please ask if you are looking for other features of a plant. All images are copyright and may not be used without permission. Click here to link to Australian Images and International Images

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Terania Rainforest Publishing Photo Library
© Hugh Nicholson

Macadamia NutMacadamia integrifoliaBotanical: Macadamia integrifolia
Common: Macadamia Nut
Family: Proteaceae
Bulburin Nut TreeMacadamia jansenii Botanical: Macadamia jansenii
Common: Bulburin Nut Tree
Family: Proteaceae
Maroochy NutMacadamia ternifolia Botanical: Macadamia ternifolia
Common: Maroochy Nut
Family: Proteaceae
Queensland NutMacadamia tetraphyllaBotanical: Macadamia tetraphylla
Common: Queensland Nut
Family: Proteaceae
MacarangaMacaranga tanariusBotanical: Macaranga tanarius
Common: Macaranga
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Cat\'s Claw CreeperMacfadyena unguis-cati Botanical: Macfadyena unguis-cati
Common: Cat\'s Claw Creeper
Family: Bignoniaceae
MackinlayaMackinlaya macrosciadiaBotanical: Mackinlaya macrosciadia
Common: Mackinlaya
Family: Araliaceae
Cockspur ThornMaclura cochinchinensisBotanical: Maclura cochinchinensis
Common: Cockspur Thorn
Family: Moraceae
Northern BonewoodMacropteranthes fitzalanii Botanical: Macropteranthes fitzalanii
Common: Northern Bonewood
Family: Combretaceae
BonewoodMacropteranthes leichhardtii Botanical: Macropteranthes leichhardtii
Common: Bonewood
Family: Combretaceae
Southern BonewoodMacropteranthes leiocaulisBotanical: Macropteranthes leiocaulis
Common: Southern Bonewood
Family: Combretaceae
Great Sandy ZamiaMacrozamia douglasii Botanical: Macrozamia douglasii
Common: Great Sandy Zamia
Family: Zamiaceae
Mt Perry ZamiaMacrozamia mountperriensisBotanical: Macrozamia mountperriensis
Common: Mt Perry Zamia
Family: Zamiaceae
Green KamalaMallotus claoxyloidesBotanical: Mallotus claoxyloides
Common: Green Kamala
Family: Euphorbiaceae
White KamalaMallotus discolorBotanical: Mallotus discolor
Common: White Kamala
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Fig-leaved MallotusMallotus ficifoliusBotanical: Mallotus ficifolius
Common: Fig-leaved Mallotus
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Toothed KamalaMallotus megadontus Botanical: Mallotus megadontus
Common: Toothed Kamala
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Soft KamalaMallotus mollissimusBotanical: Mallotus mollissimus
Common: Soft Kamala
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Red KamalaMallotus philippensis Botanical: Mallotus philippensis
Common: Red Kamala
Family: Euphorbiaceae
KamalaMallotus polyadenosBotanical: Mallotus polyadenos
Common: Kamala
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Climbing MallotusMallotus repandus Botanical: Mallotus repandus
Common: Climbing Mallotus
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Hairy Milk VineMarsdenia flavescensBotanical: Marsdenia flavescens
Common: Hairy Milk Vine
Family: Apocynaceae
Narrow-leaved Milk VineMarsdenia fraseri Botanical: Marsdenia fraseri
Common: Narrow-leaved Milk Vine
Family: Apocynaceae
Fraser Island Milk VineMarsdenia glanduliferaBotanical: Marsdenia glandulifera
Common: Fraser Island Milk Vine
Family: Apocynaceae
Rusty VineMarsdenia hemiptera Botanical: Marsdenia hemiptera
Common: Rusty Vine
Family: Apocynaceae
Corky Milk VineMarsdenia lloydii Botanical: Marsdenia lloydii
Common: Corky Milk Vine
Family: Apocynaceae
Slender MarsdeniaMarsdenia longilobaBotanical: Marsdenia longiloba
Common: Slender Marsdenia
Family: Apocynaceae
Little Milk VineMarsdenia micradeniaBotanical: Marsdenia micradenia
Common: Little Milk Vine
Family: Apocynaceae
Northern Milk VineMarsdenia microlepisBotanical: Marsdenia microlepis
Common: Northern Milk Vine
Family: Apocynaceae
Downy Milk VineMarsdenia pleiadenia Botanical: Marsdenia pleiadenia
Common: Downy Milk Vine
Family: Apocynaceae
Common Milk VineMarsdenia rostrata Botanical: Marsdenia rostrata
Common: Common Milk Vine
Family: Apocynaceae
Scented MarsdeniaMarsdenia suaveolens Botanical: Marsdenia suaveolens
Common: Scented Marsdenia
Family: Apocynaceae
Native PearMarsdenia viridiflora </i>ssp.<i> viridifloraBotanical: Marsdenia viridiflora ssp. viridiflora
Common: Native Pear
Family: Apocynaceae
OrangebarkMaytenus bilocularisBotanical: Maytenus bilocularis
Common: Orangebark
Family: Celastraceae
Orange BoxwoodMaytenus disperma Botanical: Maytenus disperma
Common: Orange Boxwood
Family: Celastraceae
Narrow-leaved OrangebarkMaytenus silvestrisBotanical: Maytenus silvestris
Common: Narrow-leaved Orangebark
Family: Celastraceae
MedicosmaMedicosma cunninghamii Botanical: Medicosma cunninghamii
Common: Medicosma
Family: Rutaceae
Mt Mellum MedicosmaMedicosma </i>sp. Mt Mellum<i>Botanical: Medicosma sp. Mt Mellum
Common: Mt Mellum Medicosma
Family: Rutaceae
FissistigmaMeiogyne stenopetala </i>ssp.<i> stenopetalaBotanical: Meiogyne stenopetala ssp. stenopetala
Common: Fissistigma
Family: Annonaceae
River TeatreeMelaleuca bracteata Botanical: Melaleuca bracteata
Common: River Teatree
Family: Myrtaceae
White-leaved PaperbarkMelaleuca dealbataBotanical: Melaleuca dealbata
Common: White-leaved Paperbark
Family: Myrtaceae
Broad-leaved PaperbarkMelaleuca quinquenervia Botanical: Melaleuca quinquenervia
Common: Broad-leaved Paperbark
Family: Myrtaceae
White Bottlebrush, Sweet Willow BottlebrushMelaleuca salignaBotanical: Melaleuca saligna
Common: White Bottlebrush, Sweet Willow Bottlebrush
Family: Myrtaceae
Prickly-leaved TeatreeMelaleuca styphelioidesBotanical: Melaleuca styphelioides
Common: Prickly-leaved Teatree
Family: Myrtaceae
Blue Tongue, Native LasiandraMelastoma malabathricum </i>ssp.<i> malabathricumBotanical: Melastoma malabathricum ssp. malabathricum
Common: Blue Tongue, Native Lasiandra
Family: Melastomataceae
White CedarMelia azedarach Botanical: Melia azedarach
Common: White Cedar
Family: Meliaceae
Pink EuodiaMelicope elleryanaBotanical: Melicope elleryana
Common: Pink Euodia
Family: Rutaceae
Small-leaved EuodiaMelicope hayesiiBotanical: Melicope hayesii
Common: Small-leaved Euodia
Family: Rutaceae
White EuodiaMelicope micrococcaBotanical: Melicope micrococca
Common: White Euodia
Northern EuodiaMelicope vitifloraBotanical: Melicope vitiflora
Common: Northern Euodia
Family: Rutaceae
Hairy MelodinusMelodinus acutiflorusBotanical: Melodinus acutiflorus
Common: Hairy Melodinus
Family: Apocynaceae
Southern MelodinusMelodinus australis Botanical: Melodinus australis
Common: Southern Melodinus
Family: Apocynaceae
Zig-zag VineMelodorum leichhardtiiBotanical: Melodorum leichhardtii
Common: Zig-zag Vine
Family: Annonaceae
Memecylon, Poor-flower TreeMemecylon pauciflorum </i>var.<i> pauciflorumBotanical: Memecylon pauciflorum var. pauciflorum
Common: Memecylon, Poor-flower Tree
Family: Melastomataceae
Cluster BerryMicromelum minutumBotanical: Micromelum minutum
Common: Cluster Berry
Family: Rutaceae
Corduroy TamarindMischarytera lautereriana Botanical: Mischarytera lautereriana
Common: Corduroy Tamarind
Family: Sapindaceae
Pear-fruited TamarindMischocarpus anodontusBotanical: Mischocarpus anodontus
Common: Pear-fruited Tamarind
Family: Sapindaceae
Red Pear-fruitMischocarpus australis Botanical: Mischocarpus australis
Common: Red Pear-fruit
Family: Sapindaceae
Woolly Pear-fruitMischocarpus lachnocarpusBotanical: Mischocarpus lachnocarpus
Common: Woolly Pear-fruit
Family: Sapindaceae
Yellow Pear-fruitMischocarpus pyriformis </i>ssp.<i> pyriformisBotanical: Mischocarpus pyriformis ssp. pyriformis
Common: Yellow Pear-fruit
Family: Sapindaceae
MonococcusMonococcus echinophorusBotanical: Monococcus echinophorus
Common: Monococcus
Family: Phytolaccaceae
Prickly Broom HeathMonotoca scopariaBotanical: Monotoca scoparia
Common: Prickly Broom Heath
Family: Ericaceae
Veiny MorindaMorinda canthoides Botanical: Morinda canthoides
Common: Veiny Morinda
Family: Rubiaceae
MorindaMorinda jasminoides Botanical: Morinda jasminoides
Common: Morinda
Family: Rubiaceae
Northern Morinda, Vomit VineMorinda umbellata Botanical: Morinda umbellata
Common: Northern Morinda, Vomit Vine
Family: Rubiaceae
Burny BeanMucuna gigantea </i>ssp.<i> giganteaBotanical: Mucuna gigantea ssp. gigantea
Common: Burny Bean
Family: Fabaceae
Climbing Lignum, Slender LignumMuehlenbeckia gracillimaBotanical: Muehlenbeckia gracillima
Common: Climbing Lignum, Slender Lignum
Family: Polygonaceae
MurrayaMurraya ovatifoliolataBotanical: Murraya ovatifoliolata
Common: Murraya
Family: Rutaceae
Mangrove BoobiallaMyoporum acuminatumBotanical: Myoporum acuminatum
Common: Mangrove Boobialla
Family: Scrophulariaceae / Myoporaceae
Bates BoobiallaMyoporum bateaeBotanical: Myoporum bateae
Common: Bates Boobialla
Family: Scrophulariaceae / Myoporaceae
Mountain BoobiallaMyoporum betcheanum Botanical: Myoporum betcheanum
Common: Mountain Boobialla
Family: Scrophulariaceae / Myoporaceae
Western BoobiallaMyoporum montanumBotanical: Myoporum montanum
Common: Western Boobialla
Family: Scrophulariaceae / Myoporaceae
Sand MuttonwoodMyrsine arenaria Botanical: Myrsine arenaria
Common: Sand Muttonwood
Family: Primulaceae / Myrsinaceae
Brush MuttonwoodMyrsine howittiana Botanical: Myrsine howittiana
Common: Brush Muttonwood
Family: Primulaceae / Myrsinaceae
Irene\'s MuttonwoodMyrsine ireneae </i>ssp.<i> ireneaeBotanical: Myrsine ireneae ssp. ireneae
Common: Irene\'s Muttonwood
Family: Primulaceae / Flacourtiaceae
Mt Blackwood MuttonwoodMyrsine porosaBotanical: Myrsine porosa
Common: Mt Blackwood Muttonwood
Family: Primulaceae / Myrsinaceae
Ripple-leaved Muttonwood, Lismore MuttonwoodMyrsine richmondensis Botanical: Myrsine richmondensis
Common: Ripple-leaved Muttonwood, Lismore Muttonwood
Family: Primulaceae / Myrsinaceae
Red MuttonwoodMyrsine subsessilis </i>ssp.<i> subsessilisBotanical: Myrsine subsessilis ssp. subsessilis
Common: Red Muttonwood
Family: Primulaceae / Myrsinaceae
Variable MuttonwoodMyrsine variabilis Botanical: Myrsine variabilis
Common: Variable Muttonwood
Family: Primulaceae / Myrsinaceae

Botanical: Maclura cochinchinensis
Common: Cockspur Thorn
Family: Moraceae

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